The Plot Bunny (the_plotbunny) wrote,
The Plot Bunny

Ah, the stressful hell that has been my life seem to finally have calmed down. Maybe I'll have time to get the communities rocking!

I will probably delete all but the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Pirates of the Caribbean plot bunny communities. This due to the fact that nobody has been interested in joining the other ones.

And then I saved the mor important for last:

If you emailed me during the past two months(?) and haven't got a reply:

The email address doesn't work any more, the reason probably is that I haven't checked it in a while so it has been deleted. Whatever the reason is the emails have been deleted, I would be grateful if you'd consider rewriting the emails and send them to be at ordinarie[at]

~The Plot Bunny~

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