The Plot Bunny (the_plotbunny) wrote,
The Plot Bunny

The Plot Bunny Communities are created!

What makes a story unique?

The plot and shape of your story.

But what if you got the right plot, but are unable to write it yourself, or you'd like to try but don't really know how?

That's why the Plot Bunny Communities exists!

There are at this moment six different communities for six different fan groups: aniga_plotbunny, hp_plotbunny, lotr_plotbunny, potc_plotbunny, sw_plotbunny and xmen_plotbunny.

If you have a suggestion for another fandom (say Discworld, Buffy-verse or Herc-Xena) let me know! If more then three other fiction writers agree there is a need I'll be more then willing to create as well as maintain the community!

~The Plot Bunny~

Co-moderators look over here!
I'm currently looking for co-moderators to help me with the communities. If you think you're one to do it, please contact me, and tell me which community you'd like to help out with.


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