The Plot Bunny (the_plotbunny) wrote,
The Plot Bunny

Advertisement for the Plot Bunny Communities:

Hello dearly beloved,

We have gathered here today to celebrate the birth of...

The Plot Bunny Communities!

The Plot Bunny Communities were created to serve as a help for fan fiction writers to discuss plot ideas and story shaping, to pimp complete stories and WIPs. To get constructive criticism and help with your writing, as well as fresh inspiration from your fellow writers.

As a fan fiction writer I know the writing process is not all beer and skittles, sometimes you get stuck with nowhere to turn. Sometimes your head is invaded by hundreds of plot bunnies that you have no idea what to do with. At other times you feel like writing something - anything - but are dry of ideas.

So what the Plot Bunny Communities really are is a resource for fan fiction writers, both young and old, book-verse fanatics and movie-verse people, slashers as well as anti-slashers, canon fans and fanon fans alike. A place to write down your latest plot bunny and ask for help shaping it into a story, ask for help writing it, or simply ask people what they think. A place to find fan fictions and pimp your own. A place for meeting people with the same interests as you.

aniga_plotbunny, hp_plotbunny, lotr_plotbunny, potc_plotbunny, sw_plotbunny and xmen_plotbunny are all maintained from the account the_plotbunny, which is sort of a "master account" that will announce news and such that involve all the Plot Bunny Communities.

I will end this announcement with my own definition of the word respect: To not jump down the throat of someone you disagree with.

~The Plot Bunny~

This message has been majorly cross-posted, sorry if this turns up multiple times on your friends list.

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